Recent SteemDB Updates
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steemdb 0.3.0 - account details, witness list upgrades, and account discovery

Over the last two weeks if you're a regular on, you've probably noticed some changes. I've been slowly addding features since the last update 2 weeks ago and have been releasing them as soon as they are complete.

This post is the culmination of updates that have occurred over that time. I'm happy to put a bow on a set of these changes and call it 0.3.0.

steemdb 0.2.0 - rshares allocation browser, new data api's and some minor improvements

With a focus on data, the new labs section of is now live, including 5 unique API endpoints as well as a new way to browse reward share distributions.

Since steemdb is still a relatively new project, I'm still exploring what this site really is becoming. I'd encourage you to read the update to steemstats, at the bottom I spoke a bit about the direction of steemstats + steemdb in the coming months. - open source blockchain explorer and data playground (alpha release)

One thing I get asked for a lot on is historical data. The problem I ran into was in the way steemstats was designed - everything is loaded in real time from the blockchain. I needed a way to store and retrieve data based on time and date - (steem database) is the concept I ended up with, which will allow all of us to use this data.

Before I go further, this post will be split into two parts: the first part is for everyone and outlines the benefits brings to steem users; and the second part for the developers interested in learning and/or contributing.

* All Steem Power & VEST calculations are done using the current conversion rate, not a historical rate. This may cause some calculations to be incorrect.